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Emiliya Suki
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United States

Coco Kanade: Otaku, Cosplayer, Procrastinating Multi-Tasker, Predictable Smartass.

'Sup dudes and dudettes! I am the one known as Gash-chan. But y'all can call me whatever you'd like! ^-^ If you prefer you can just call me Emiliya. :)

Peace out, dudes and dudettes! :peace: Live long and prosper.

Peace and long life. :heart:

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Inbox went from 650 down to like 230... I'm gonna finish going through everything some other time, I just can't right now.
Ugh... just deleted a ton of stuff from my Inbox without looking at much. I just can't freaking deal with this clutter, I gotta unsub from some peeps. (No worries mutuals/friends, you're safe. I just sub to too many artists and such.)
I deleted a lot of things without looking, down to about 670 notifications... calling it a night for now...
So coming on here again after a while, my Inbox climbed up to almost 1,000... T.T I might not respond to or look at everything, sorry. Lotta the stuff is from over a month ago...

I'll post a journal again soon, I'm just so mentally drained right now... :sigh: 
Just a quick status... while I am recovered from my cold, I haven't felt much like being on social media. I'm sorta inactive on Twitter too (I created a private account on there for friends, I'm mostly lurking right now though).

I'm happy to say that my great aunt is home now, I'll elaborate more on that ordeal some other time.

Right now I'm in a very foul mood... I received bad news today and I am very emotional about it. It's nothing health related and no one's dead/dying (thank GOD), but until I know for sure what's going to happen, I don't want to talk about it publicly. There's going to be a lot of radio silence on here from me for a while (meanwhile my Inbox is to nearly 600 notifications... :O_o: ) but if you're a friend of mine you can Note me and ask me what's going on. Or DM me on Twitter, Instagram, or Discord.

My username is CocoKanadeChan on Twitter and Instagram (which is private), my Discord ID is Coco Kanade#5464 (hope I formatted that right, sorry if it's not >.< )

Like I said, I'll be pretty silent on here, not feeling up to going through my Inbox right now. So DM me elsewhere if you want to get a quicker response. I'll try to come on here for Notes if I need to though.

In the meantime... ugh, I can't think of a sign-off. Meh. My brain is mush.

See ya around... I'll be back with happier news when I'm feeling more up to it.
Quick update... my great aunt is still in a nursing home for rehab. Stupid people there OD'ed her on a medication of hers last week during the wedding... that was stressful to find out about from my dad after the fact. We might be pursuing legal action if there is shown to be any lasting damage from it. Other then that, she's doing okay, she just needs to get well enough to walk again before they can okay for her to go home. My parents are going up to see her again tomorrow (or this morning, since it's past midnight... technicalities and all that) to hopefully clear some things up with her doctor, and see if they can get her home soon.

The wedding went very well last week. ^^ I am so happy to have Kaitlin be legally part of our family, she even took our last name, she was so excited about that. X3 We were both also super excited to become sisters! I adore her so much, I'm seriously so happy.

A few wedding details: I was already trying not to cry while walking down the aisle, and as soon as I saw her coming down a few minutes later, I was a freaking waterfall. AIR - Misuzu Anguish Sobbing There was no stopping it, I even forgot the tip my mom heard about singing the alphabet in my head to distract myself from crying. Even if I did do it, I bet I would have still cried like a baby. ^^; Even just talking to people before/during the reception, I just kept crying when I started talking again. And I was a mess during the toasts.

I had to clarify with a few family members that they were HAPPY tears, not sad tears. ^^;

I will try to write a better journal about the wedding some other time, because I unfortunately have been VERY sick this week. Lucky Star - Konata Super Sleepy Collapse The day after the wedding, I woke up with a sore throat, stuffy nose, and sore eyes (that was most likely from crying so much though and has gone away already). I'm a lot better then I was last weekend, but still feeling very sleepy and coughing a lot. I'm over the worst of it, but I still need to rest a lot and need to get to bed soon.

I'll get to my Inbox/replies/comments soon when I'm feeling more up to it. I feel like I'm falling asleep trying to finish this... so I'll wrap up.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes for my aunt, and for Jesse and Kaitlin. They are very appreciated. ^^ I'll return soon once I've kicked this cold in the tookus for good.

Oyasumi nasai, minna-sama~ [Lucky Star] Tsukasa Sleep Emoticon 


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Hi, Emiliya! It's me Sarah from miitomo! I decided to watch your deviantART account! :meow: 
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Thanks very much for including my childhood friend in your favorites - I'm glad you like him. My great aunt, who was working for the State Department, and was posted in Berlin in the 1950s, bought him there for me. He was always a comfort for me when I was stressed; maybe he can do the same for you now.
CocoKanadeChan Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
You're very welcome.

Thank you as well for posting his picture and for this little story. ^.^ Actually after I saw his picture last night, he reminded me of a bear of mine I have from when I was little that's a bit worn from wear but he was one of my favorites. His photo certainly helped me feel better, thank you. :heart:
WhollyJeff Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good. I'll let him know.
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